Our Methodology

"Methodology is a product of common sense applied to circumstances"


 Our Methodology

Technology Integration Services, Information Management

CTS Consultants provide professional developmental and integration services by deciphering:

A body of methods, rules, and postulates employed by a discipline : a particular procedure
or set of procedures

The analysis of the principles or procedures of inquiry in Insurance and IT management

CTS employs professional information planning methodology, utilizing selected consulting services
to improve technical, organizational, and business processes, and the effectiveness of information management resources.


CTS provides the following services:

Systems Development and Integration including Web, Server and Mainframe
Business planning, process improvement, and information technology planning
Outsourcing and off-shoring advisory
Legacy System Management



CTS-Consulting integrates its expertise with the Client to develop solutions that streamlines operations, create improved
levels of customer service, and
accelerates growth through a flexible
and collaborative approach.
Consulting Technology Services

CTS specializes in strategy, business planning, process improvement, and technology enablement for the insurance industry.

Value Added Role

Outside company / industry perspective
Planning framework
Prior engagements
Unit cost studies to benchmark performance
Existing templates and experience to manage and lead engagements

Consulting Technology Services

CTS consultants deliver improvements in processes, as well as the knowledge in IT strategy, IT design and architecture, project management and IT operations.

Supporting Role
From rate specific consulting to turn key projects, we can work together to improve your business performance.