IT Planning

The overall plan is to insure that highest business value initiatives are ranked accordingly


IT Planning

Information Technology Planning, Technical Evaluation, Analysis & Design

Information technology planning focuses on aligning IT to the business direction through developing business requirements, identifying new
opportunities and utilizing IT as a competitive resource.

The initial phase of IT planning begins with an inventory of hardware, telecommunications, system software, application software, and data bases.
An assessment is made of the IT assets using CTS’ proprietary framework that includes:

Baseline Architecture
User Evaluation
Technical Evaluation
Opportunity Assessment

Business Enviroment

From the assessment and the business requirements a set of initiatives are developed that includes the following:

Analysis & Design
Cost Benefit Analysis
Opportunity Identification
Technology Strategy
IT projects, Description & Costs
Migration Plan

The overall plan is aligned with the business direction to insure that the highest business value initiatives are ranked accordingly.